Sunday, August 31, 2014

July - August 2014

My projects from July and August of 2014


Marc & Larissa Beaudin's Wedding Day

Wedding video for Marc and Larissa Beaudin.
Shot at the RCMP Chapel in Regina, Saskatchewan.
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Hitchhikers Improv Company Logo & Brand Identity

View the Project on Behance.

Off The Bounce Shooting Camp Logo

View the Project on Behance.

Made In Saskatchewan Logo

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Canada Day Ball Game - July 1, 2014

Minnesota Twins - July 4 & 5, 2014

Creelman Fair - July 19, 2014


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Monday, June 30, 2014

May - June 2014

My projects from May and June of 2014


"Worry" Album Teaser - Nick Faye and the Deputies

Promotional teaser video for Nick Faye & The Deputies' upcoming full length album "Worry" released on June 3, 2014.
Shot in and around Regina, Saskatchewan.Or click HERE.

Hitchhikers Stand Up Comedy

I tried stand-up comedy for the first time in June.
This is part of a playlist that includes the other comedians from that night.
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Creelman Agricultural Society: Creelman Fair Branding

View the Project on Behance.

Creelman Agricultural Society: Creelman Fair Book


Cathedral Village Arts Festival - May 24, 2014

Handball City Finals - May 24 & 25, 2014



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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

March - April 2014

My projects from March and April of 2014


The House With Nobody In It

My final animation project at VanArts, published in March.
Kept private as I was submitting it in film festivals.
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I animated the opening text, timed the photo grid, and edited the photo collage.
The client provided the images, music, and storyboard (text, colour schemes, general layout, etc.).
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We Do It Landscaping Advertisement Design April 2014

View the Project on Behance.


Handball - April 13, 2014


VEDA 2014: Vlog Everyday in April

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Friday, February 28, 2014

January - February 2014

My projects from January and February of 2014


Harvest 2013

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Creelman Calcutta Shootout 2014

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Jim Carnegie Memorial Logo

View the Project on Behance.

Be my Valentine


Cougars Volleyball - January 24, 2014
Cougars Volleyball - January 24, 2014

Red Hot Riot - January 25, 2014
Red Hot Riot - January 25, 2014


Chair Lift Advertising

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ice in April at the Creelman Rink

It stayed so consistently cold in the "Spring" of 2013 that on Sunday, April 14 we were able to have a game of shinny at the Creelman Community Complex.

Yeah, we got to play hockey in April because it was still that cold. You can hate on the weather, but that's pretty cool. Haha.. Cool..

Now, this is a big deal because the ice at the Creelman Rink isn't artificial, it's real, pure, honest to goodness, natural ice. Sure, everyone was probably sick of the weather in Saskatchewan, but it was pretty great to be able to say we played hockey in the middle of April in Creelman.

But we've had our fun, so it can get warmer any day now for the farmers to start seeding..

Life is Good.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Liking & Following for Charity

I decided to make a video yesterday.

It's about how some businesses and individuals try to turn giving to charity into a personal gain for them in the form of likes, followers, etc.

And it got some feedback.

It also got the guys behind the project scrambling to get me to understand how it is such a positive thing for the businesses involved while not benefiting them as much as I think it does.

SPOILER ALERT: It involves you liking their Facebook Page before you can see the other companies involved who are actually doing the donating.

See for yourself:

Here's some of the feedback:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Social Media and The 2012 Regina Municipal Election

*DISCLAIMER: Look, I'm not here to tell to you who to vote for, that's your decision. This is my opinion on how a few of the top candidates for Mayor of Regina in the 2012 Municipal Election are using social media.*

Let's look at some platform comparisons.
Oh no, dear reader, not those platforms, I'm talking about social platforms..




Meka 2012 859
Team Marian Donnelly for Mayor 2012 779
CreelmanKid* 81
Michael Fougere 71
Dr. Liz Brass 20


Marian Donnelly @mariandonnelly 833 899 708 @meka4mayor 774 554 1160
Michael Fougere @fougere4mayor 752 185 193
Marian4Mayor @Marian4Mayor 506 455 310
David Carnegie* @CreelmanKid 455 196 9277
Liz Brass 4 Mayor @LizBrass 254 180 308

*I threw myself in there just for comparison. I'm not running. Yet... #Carnegie2020

Not bad, but there's more to social media than just the numbers. I mean hey, the account could be run by a team and not just the candidate, their followers could all be bots, who knows? Let's take a closer look at how each of the candidates uses social media...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

VanArts Aquarium Adventure

Final sketches from my day at the Vancouver Aquarium field trip with VanArts.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oliebollen with Oma

At the end of each year, my Oma (Dutch for Grandma) makes Oliebollen for all of her children and grandchildren. It's a tradition from Holland to have them every year on the 31st of December.

So.. What is it exactly? Well, it's like a doughnut, deep fried and topped with icing sugar.

Wikipedia puts it this way..
"An oliebol (plural oliebollen pronunciation) is a traditional Dutch food. Oliebollen (literally oil balls) are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve and at funfairs. They are also called smoutebollen (literally lard balls) in Belgium. In English they are more commonly known as Dutch Doughnuts.
Oliebollen are a variety of dumpling made by using an ice-scooper or two spoons to scoop a certain amount of dough and dropping the dough into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. In this way, a sphere-shaped oliebol emerges.
The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and usually sultanas, currants, raisins and sometimes zest or succade. A notable variety is the appelbeignet, which contains a slice of apple. The dough needs time to rise for at least an hour. Oliebollen are usually served with powdered sugar."

Because it has been a New Year's Eve tradition, I always wanted to get it on camera, just because I thought it was a cool process and didn't want to take it for granted. I finally filmed her making them this past year (2011) and this is what I came up with.

Happy New Year.