Monday, July 25, 2011

Shades of Pixar in Parade Floats

For me, the Creelman Fair (put on by the Creelman Agricultural Society) is the biggest event of the year and in 20 years I haven't missed one.

One of the highlights of the annual fair is the Parade that goes down the service road, adjacent to Highway 33, turns down Main Street, and then heads to the fair grounds. When I was younger, my dream was always to build a float and one day be a part of the Creelman Fair Parade.

One day, about a week before the fair in 2003, on an old flat bed trailer in my Oma's shed, my brothers, cousins, and I got to work on what would be our first of many parade floats. "Hockey Night in Creelman" was a success, it was our "Toy Story".

So what are the other connections to Pixar Animation Studios? Well...