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2010 Olympic Torch Relay

I was lucky enough to be one of the 12,000 people, selected out of an estimated 1,000,000 applicants, to carry the Olympic Flame on its way to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

It was an awesome experience, but so were the Olympics in general; following Team Canada on their quest to Own the Podium. Need a reminder? Check out Stephen Brunt's Video Essay at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures, videos and highlights on "Vancouver 2010".

(Today is the 2 year anniversary of the day I carried the torch. I just wanted to repost this on Blogger, as I am no longer using the site this was originally posted on. Thanks for checking it out.)


Check out these Vancouver 2010 Olympic Videos.

1. Olympic Torch Relay 2010 | Day 74 | Elrose, SK - Allan filmed my torch run in Elrose, SK
2. Olympic Torch Relay - Days 71 - 77 Highlights - Weekly highlights from the VANOCwebteam. Watch 1:44.
3. Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay Preview (Coldplay - Fix You) - An inspirational video of the flame's legacy.
4. 2010 Winter Olympics Montage - Stephen Brunt Video Essay - What these games mean to Canada...
5. With Glowing Hearts - Promotional ad for the Olympics coming to Canada.
6. I Believe - Nikki Yanofsky - The Unofficial Vancouver 2010 Olympic Theme Song by Nikki Yanofsky.
7. Meet the Vancouver 2010 Mascots - Get to know the 2010 Mascots. Quatchi, Miga, & Sumi.
8. Believe - Suzie McNeil - Olympic Inspired version of Suzie McNeil's song Believe

Watch the whole Playlist on YouTube - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Playlist
Watch Olympic Highlights on YouTube - Vancouver Olympics YouTube Channel




I applied to be an Olympic Torchbearer through Coke and RBC. All because I told Coca-Cola about how I live on The Coke Side of Life, for about 9 minutes I got to carry and hold high the Olympic flame in Elrose, Saskatchewan.

When I saw the celebration in Regina, I wished that it could have been me on that stage, getting the publicity and interviews. However, during one of the greatest days of my life, I was reminded by the spirit of Elrose, that if I didn't carry the torch in small town Saskatchewan, I wouldn't have done it my way.

Life is Good.
Thank you Coca-Cola!

Open Happiness Song Download:

My Google+ Photo Album of the big day, plus other Torch related events.
Elrose Picassa Photo Album by the Saskatchewan Pavillion (Tourism Saskatchewan)

Top 10 Olympic Moments

10. Gretzky saying that playing Germany in the Men's Hockey Qualification Round would be exactly what Team Canada would need. 
9. Chris Del Bosco's attempt in Men's Ski Cross to push for second as he wasn't content with a Bronze Medal. Men's Ski Cross
8. The entire country holding their breathe in the hope that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir could strike Gold in Ice Dance. And they did. Ice Dance
7. Charles Hamelin winning two Gold Medals in Short Track Speed Skating, most notably the finish in the Men's 500m race where America's Apolo Anton Ohno was disqualified. 500m
6. The Netherland's Sven Kramer climbing through the stands to hug his family after winning the Men's 5000m Long Track Speed Skating with an Olympic Record. 5000m Record
5. Joannie Rochette's Bronze Medal figure skating performance after the passing of her mother. Joannie Rochette
4. The fans at the Men's Curling game who burst into the Canadian National Anthem in the middle of the game. Twice. Men's Curling
3. Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first Gold Medal on Canadian snow. Freestyle Moguls Gold Medal Presentation
2. Jon Montgomery getting handed a pitcher of beer while walking down the streets of Whistler to his CTV interview after winning Gold. Men's Skeleton
1. Crosby's goal. Gretzky was right. Gold Medal Hockey Game 

Honourable Mention: Morgan Freeman's Visa Commercials: Hope you like pancakes, Norway.


Canada's Games

An inspirational Olympic video essay about what these games mean to Canada...
By Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail.


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