Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oliebollen with Oma

At the end of each year, my Oma (Dutch for Grandma) makes Oliebollen for all of her children and grandchildren. It's a tradition from Holland to have them every year on the 31st of December.

So.. What is it exactly? Well, it's like a doughnut, deep fried and topped with icing sugar.

Wikipedia puts it this way..
"An oliebol (plural oliebollen pronunciation) is a traditional Dutch food. Oliebollen (literally oil balls) are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve and at funfairs. They are also called smoutebollen (literally lard balls) in Belgium. In English they are more commonly known as Dutch Doughnuts.
Oliebollen are a variety of dumpling made by using an ice-scooper or two spoons to scoop a certain amount of dough and dropping the dough into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. In this way, a sphere-shaped oliebol emerges.
The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and usually sultanas, currants, raisins and sometimes zest or succade. A notable variety is the appelbeignet, which contains a slice of apple. The dough needs time to rise for at least an hour. Oliebollen are usually served with powdered sugar."

Because it has been a New Year's Eve tradition, I always wanted to get it on camera, just because I thought it was a cool process and didn't want to take it for granted. I finally filmed her making them this past year (2011) and this is what I came up with.

Happy New Year.

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