Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ice in April at the Creelman Rink

It stayed so consistently cold in the "Spring" of 2013 that on Sunday, April 14 we were able to have a game of shinny at the Creelman Community Complex.

Yeah, we got to play hockey in April because it was still that cold. You can hate on the weather, but that's pretty cool. Haha.. Cool..

Now, this is a big deal because the ice at the Creelman Rink isn't artificial, it's real, pure, honest to goodness, natural ice. Sure, everyone was probably sick of the weather in Saskatchewan, but it was pretty great to be able to say we played hockey in the middle of April in Creelman.

But we've had our fun, so it can get warmer any day now for the farmers to start seeding..

Life is Good.

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